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Mobius Map: End of Robotnik I by JerichoRaccoon941 Mobius Map: End of Robotnik I by JerichoRaccoon941
Mobius Map: End of Robotnik War I

Blue- United Earth Alliance (UEA)
Green- Kingdom of Acorn
Black - Robotnik Empire
Red- Dark Legion
Orange- Iron Dominion
Yellow- Downunda Confederation

Update: Changed Years.

Year: 2181 A.D.


August 16, 2180: Freedom Fighters begin their full-scale Campaign against Robotnik.

August 29, 2180: Robotnik begins a search for a weapon to destroy the Freedom Fighters in one swift stroke.

September 2-3, 2180: Mecha Sonic Incident occurs. Dark Legion reappears on Angel Island.

September 4, 2180: Sonic vindicated of any charges against him during the incident.

September 5, 2180: Dark Legion conquers sections of South America and Africa, as well as parts of Europe.

September 8, 2180: Robotnik attempts to deploy Chemical-tipped missiles near the remains of Area 51, plan is foiled by the Freedom Fighters.

September 11, 2180: Robotnik attempts major assault on Knothole. United Earth Alliance declares war on Robotnik Empire, joins the Freedom Fighter cause.

September 19, 2180: Dark Leigon conquers Egypt, parts of Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the Caucus Mts.

September 24, 2180: Dark Legion seizes the Kiev Nuclear Decommissioning Facility, begins stealng Nuclear Weapons from the UEA.

October 4, 2180: The Dark Legion seizes full control of Cuba.

October 15,2180: Robotnik attempts to capture the UEA Primary R&D Facility in Munich, the attempt fails.

October 24, 2180: Dark Legion attacks the Strait of Gibraltar. UEA/Freedom Fighter victory.

November 9, 2180: Robotnik's Space-Based Roboticizing Array is disabled when the uplink is destroyed by Freedom Fighter forces.

November 13, 2180: Freedom Fighters use UEA Chronosphere to free King Acorn from "The Void". But Acorn begins to have body crystallization.

November 21, 2180: Robotnik begins his "Ultimate Annihilator" project.

November 25, 2180: UEA forces in Japan begin to conquer Manchuria and parts of Eastern Russia towards the Bering Sea.

December 2, 2180: Freedom Fighters capture Robotnik Oil Field in Alaska.

December 14, 2180: Battle of the Great Plains takes place, most of Robotnik's military is decimated in the battle.

December 21, 2180: Operaton: EndGame commences, Sonic framed for the murder of Sally Acorn. Auto Automation impersonates King Acorn.

December 22, 2180: Sonic goes on the run to avoid capture by Commander Geoffrey St. John. Robotnik captures Knothole.

December 23, 2180: Sonic escapes to Angel Island, where he is vindicated, and helps the UEA and Freedom Fighters take back Knothole.

December 24, 2180: UEA and Freedom Fighters lead all-or-nothing assault on Robotropolis. Robotnik erased from existance by the Ultimate Annihilator in the battle. Robotropolis captured. Dark Legion captures the Baikonur Cosmodrome and drives UEA out of the Middle East.

December 25, 2180: The Edwards/Acorn Treaty is ratified, states the future boundaries for the nations.

December 29, 2180: Downunda Freedom Fighters begin to drive the Robotnik forces out of Downunda. Downunda Confederation is founded.

January 2, 2181: Robotnik Empire driven out of the former United States of America borders, Kingdom of Acorn is reborn.

January 4, 2181: Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters drive Robotnik out of China and Southeast Asia.
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Beautiful. Just... beautiful.
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Thank you.
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